Senior care communities across the country are contracting with Accushield to manage their sign-in compliance and/or credentialing of vendors that come onsite. Accushield utilizes a digital sign-in kiosk placed at entry ways of senior care communities to facilitate this process.

Statutes and regulations governing assisted living providers set minimum standards of care, which include safety and security for the residents on the provider's licensed premises. 

Therefore, the community owners have the right to set and enforce standards of access for visitors, vendors, and caregivers who seek to conduct their business on their private property. 

Accushield is set in place as a tool to support a community in their efforts to provide the highest level of care for their residents. It increases your safety too!

Competent professional caregivers & vendors will appreciate a system of quality controls that promotes safety and peace of mind for everyone concerned and are already commonplace in other industries such as child care and hospitals.

When Accushield is in place, anytime a visitor or vendor goes onsite at one of our Accushield partner communities, they are required to sign in at the kiosk.  Once a vendor signs in, they have 30 days to become compliant with the credentials (if applicable) required by said community.

There is a fee associated with the Accushield registration.