Follow the 4 steps outlined below. Follow screen-by-screen instructions at the kiosk when signing in.

  1. Your employee signing in at an Accushield kiosk is the first step that signals to us you agree to the community's policies and want to continue to do business on their property. The following are the abc’s of creating an account at the Accushield kiosk as described in our registration packet. Each of your employees has to do this during their first time signing in.

    1. Enter your mobile number to create a “Unique User Account” & receive pertinent messages to avoid interruption in service such as retrieving your PIN

    2. Enter your Known Legal Name, as it would appear in official documents

    3. Spell out your complete company name and select it. If your company cannot be found, search for any other name your company may be doing business as. If no version of your company name has a match in our system (cannot find my company) spell out your complete company name

    4. Follow prompts in Accushield kiosk to complete Initial Account Registration

  2. Download a registration packet with step-by-step instructions. There is a Download Registration Packet button at the top of the page on our website Select the state in which you do business, then select the community your care providers/vendors visit. If you/they visit multiple communities, you can just choose 1 community (if you work in a Brookdale community, make sure to download a Brookdale packet). Select the Agency registration packet.

  3. Complete the registration packet and submit your credentials required by the community you visit. On page 2 of any packet there is a list of requirements specific to the community you visit. Once the registration form and corresponding documentation are complete, you can either email them to or fax them to 404-382-7229.

  4. Payment needs to be submitted upon receipt of any invoice in order to be considered compliant. Please see detailed payment instructions on the last page of your registration packet.