For credentialing communities, the Accushield Dashboard provides visibility into the compliance status of a healthcare or service provider and what credentials have or have not been submitted. 

To review a provider’s compliance, log into the Accushield Dashboard and follow the directions below.

Click ‘Compliance Report’ under the Reports tab and select a day within the week or month you’d like your report to cover; click Submit.


Next, click the service provider's name that you wish to review.


You will then be shown the provider’s credentialing compliance status.

If a provider is in their 30-day grace period, their status will be "New". Once the 30 day grace period expires, their status will say “Non-Compliant” if any credentials are outstanding. If a provider has submitted all requirements and they meet to your standards, each box will be checked and their status will be “Compliant”. 

** In rare cases a vendor can be compliant but have the bottom row of credential boxes unchecked. It’s usually because their agency credentials were submitted at the corporate level instead of  the local branch level. However, if the status says “Compliant” this vendor is compliant and those agency documents have indeed been received.