Accushield offers the ability to print an Evacuation (EVAC) Report from your kiosk. Having access to your community’s EVAC Report helps you account for your residents and visitors during an emergency drill or real evacuation scenario.  

Your EVAC Report shows you a list of all residents that are in the building, as well as a list of residents signed out of the building. Additionally, you can see providers and guests who are currently in the building with an open visit. 

To print an EVAC Report from your kiosk, follow these steps:

  • On the Sign-In & Sign-Out screen, find the Accushield logo on the section top of the screen (on the white bar)
  • Tap on the lock in the Accushield logo 5 times

  • On the next screen, select “Print Evacuation Report”

  • Your EVAC report will print on a continuous piece of badge tape

You can also access Evacuation Reports from your mobile device or through the Accushield Dashboard