If you’d like to keep tabs on your community’s visit compliance, which directly impacts your desire to create a safer environment for your community, you can view your visit compliance percentage in the Accushield Dashboard under the Reports tab. 

To view your visit compliance:

  • Log onto your Dashboard account and select the Reports tab. Your visit compliance will then be at the top left of your screen. 
  • You can change the date range to track how your compliance has changed over the course of your Accushield implementation. Just choose the month or week you want to view, choose a date in that month or week, and select “Submit.” 
  • This will then display your visit compliance percentage, which tells you how many visits during that time period were made by providers who have submitted all of your community’s required credentials. 
    • Because of the high turnover of vendors visiting your community, your compliance percentage may never be 100% - we think anything 85% and higher is ideal compliance. 
    • If yours is lower, reach out to your Account Manager to discuss what could be done differently to increase compliance and safety and security.