Want to track the types of visits your residents are receiving to get more insight into the health of your community? You can use the Accushield Dashboard reports page to view all the data the kiosk is collecting.

  • Log onto your Dashboard account and select the 'Care Report' under the Reports tab. 
  • Pick the date range of data that you’d like to view by selecting month or week, choosing a date in that month or week, and selecting 'Submit'. 
  • Then, about halfway down the page, view your community’s Visit Count by Service Type, Care Hours by Service Type, and Visit % by Service Type for your selected date range. 
  • Scroll over each service type to view the percentage breakdown or click on each service type to see what agencies served your community and which residents were receiving that type of service. 
  • For more detail on the visits related to each care type, click on the colored bar and it will display all of the residents who received this care and who provided it.