We accept criminal background checks from any reputable third-party service, AS LONG AS it meets the community standards.  If you need a Criminal Background Check (for yourself or an employee), you can also use MLQ Attorney Services, which is a third party provider that is unaffiliated with Accushield and independently operated. For questions and accurate pricing information, contact MLQ at ORDERS@MLQAS.com or 800-446-8794.

To order an MLQ background check and get the fastest results, please complete the attached release form and credit card authorization form, then email them to investigations@mlqas.com. A link to fill out a form will be emailed to you. Once the form is submitted the process is underway! Do not submit MLQ documentation to Accushield.

Alternately, you may also complete the attached Release Form, Credit Card Authorization Form, and the Contractor Consent Form, then email them to investigations@mlqas.com. Do not submit MLQ documentation to Accushield.