Sign-in enforcement is something to be mindful of in your community in order to track who is in your building at any given time. Enforcing your sign-out policy is equally as important because knowing who is in your building at all times is vital for risk management. 

Risk Management Through Sign-in Enforcement 

The primary benefit of the Accushield kiosk is the enhancement of the culture of safety and security in your community by maximizing awareness of who is visiting and serving your community at any given time. Taking advantage of the Accushield kiosk can help prevent potential security risks for residents, staff and visitors in your community. 

  • Sign-in Compliance: It is vital that everyone who enters the building signs-in and out of the kiosk. The only way to have record of someone being in the building is if they sign-in. 

    • If something suspicious happened on a specific date and you needed to track down who was in the building that day, you’re information will only be as effective as your sign-in policy.

  • Badge Validation: We recommend turning the badge printer towards the concierge, if possible. This encourages staff to know the names and faces of all guests and providers, in addition to confirming that everyone signs-in correctly. Click here to educate your staff about the difference in a guest and service provider badge.

    • If a service provider does not sign-in, or creates a guest account rather than a provider account, we will not know to track down credentials for that individual. Not only is it important for individuals to sign-in and out of the kiosk, it is vital that each vendor sign-in as a healthcare or service provider so our team can work to properly vet them on your community’s behalf. Even if a provider is non-compliant in the system, it is extremely important that they sign into the kiosk. It’s just as important to know if a denied provider is on your property caring for your residents. 

  • Evacuation information: Utilizing Accushield in your community gives you access to a real time Evacuation report. However, that report will only be accurate if you are enforcing your sign-in/sign-out policy. 

In addition to risk management, sign-in enforcement allows for accurate reporting through your Dashboard account: 

  • The kiosk is collecting valuable data for your community. That information can be viewed through the online Dashboard. If visitors bypass the system and skip signing in, your data will be inaccurate. 
    • The ability to use the ledger to find specific visitors that were in the building on a certain date or during a time period in question will not be as effective if each visitor does not sign-in. 
    • Your perception of the health of your community or the amount of care hours your residents are receiving will not be as accurate if you do not require each person providing care to sign-in. Click here to learn about the reports tab on the Dashboard.
    • Our new alert features are a valuable tool for your community, but if visitors are bypassing the system the alerts you set up may be inconsistent. Click here to learn how to set up notifications.