Small daily kiosk maintenance can ensure that your kiosk is always clean, working properly, connected to the internet, and recording accurate visit and credentialing data. To keep your kiosk in clean working order, we recommend that you periodically follow these simple tune-up steps.  

  • Checking the Internet Connection
  • Keeping the Resident and Visitor Ledger Accurate
  • Cleaning the Kiosk

Checking the Internet Connection 

If your kiosk is connected via Wi-Fi, it’s important to periodically check that it is connected to your Wi-Fi network. 

Check your connection by looking at the top right corner of the screen and you will see the universal Wi-Fi symbol:

If the Wi-Fi symbol is not there, follow the steps for connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Keeping the Resident and Visitor Ledger Accurate

If a resident forgets to sign in or out, the kiosk will show them as away while they’re home and vice versa.  This is not only troublesome in the event of an evacuation or fire drill, it can be confusing if not resolved and the resident signs out in the future and the kiosk says “welcome back.”  To avoid this from happening and keeping your kiosk ledger accurate, follow these simple steps:

  • On the Sign-In / Sign-Out screen you will see a black bar that runs all along the bottom side of the screen. Tap anywhere in the black bar 5-7 times in a row until the ledger screen opens.  

  • On the ledger screen, you will see visitors on the left and residents on the right.  
  • For Residents:  
    • Open visits, in which the resident is still out of the building, will appear in yellow.  
    • Closed visits, in which the resident has returned, appear in white.  
  • For Visitors: 
    • Visitors who are still in the building are displayed in yellow. 
  • To close out an active visit:
    • For Residents:  Tap the name of the resident in yellow that you want to sign back in to the building. A new window will appear displaying their information. 
    • For Visitors: Tap the name of the visitor in yellow that you want to sign out of the building. A new window will appear displaying their information. 
  • On the bottom left corner of the window, tap “sign-in” for the resident or “sign-out” for the visitor.  After a few seconds the screen will refresh and you will see that visit as closed out on the ledger.
  • Click the back button in the bottom left corner of the screen to return to the main Accushield screen.

Keeping the Kiosk Clean

Here are recommendations for keeping the kiosk free of fingerprints and how to disinfect the touch screen:

Cleaning Fingerprints on the Screen:

Occasionally the screen needs to be wiped off in order to remove fingerprints and keep it looking clean.  We recommend wiping it with any cloth or cleaning device that is designed for smartphones or tablets. Using wipes rather than spray bottles is recommended to ensure low moisture accumulation on the kiosk. If you opt to use a product with a cleaning solution, it must not contain any bleach. 

Disinfecting the Screen:

For killing germs on the touchscreen you can use any disinfectant on the screen as long as it does not contain bleach, which will harm the screen.