Daily kiosk maintenance can ensure that your kiosk is always clean, connected to the internet, and recording accurate visit data. To keep your kiosk in clean working order, we recommend that you periodically follow these simple tune-up steps: 

  • Clean the Kiosk
  • Clean the Printer
  • Check the Internet Connection

See step-by-step instructions below.  


Cleaning the Kiosk Screen

To clean the screen of fingerprints, smudges, dust, and lint:

  • Wipe the screen gently using a dry microfiber cloth.  Never use a paper towel or other paper-based towels as they can leave scratches on the screen
  • For more stubborn contaminants or stains, turn off your kiosk, lightly dampen a section of a microfiber cloth with water, and gently wipe the screen.  Avoid getting too much water on the screen.  Then go over it again with a dry section of the cloth to wipe away any moisture

Disinfecting the Kiosk Screen

To kill germs on the touchscreen:

  • You can use any disinfectant as long as it does not contain bleach, which can damage your kiosk.  We suggest the following disinfecting products that are recommended by the CDC and EPA for use against the virus that causes COVID-19
    • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
    • Lysol Brand Clean & Fresh Multi Surface Cleaner
    • Purell Professional Surface Disinfecting Wipes
    • Click here for the full list of products that are recommended by the CDC and EPA
  • Many disinfectants require the surface to remain wet for a few minutes, so continuous wiping might be required. Read the manufacturer's instructions about the disinfectant you use  
  • Turn off your kiosk
  • Dampen a clean, non-abrasive cloth with a disinfectant (ensure excess liquid is squeezed from the cloth) or use pre-dampened disinfecting wipes
  • Disinfect the surfaces by wiping them with the cloth or wipe and allow the surface to dry


Cleaning the printer can extend its life and keep the printed images on the badge tape clear and crisp. 

Cleaning the Printer Exterior

For killing germs on the touchscreen you can use any disinfectant on the screen as long as it does not contain bleach, which will harm the screen.

Cleaning the Print Rollers

The print head remains clean under normal use, but if lint or dirt from the roller becomes stuck on the print head, it can cause white or blank lines and poor print quality. Occasionally clean the rollers using a brush or cotton swab.  

Also, be sure to keep the door closed above the badge tape when the printer is not in use to minimize dust and debris collection while maximizing printing quality for each badge. 

Use Correct Badge Tape Rolls

Accushield supplies our communities with a specific badge tape that does not leave a residue on the rollers and blade of the printer. Using any other badge tape will void your Accushield printer warranty. 


Your Accushield kiosk needs to be "online" in order to work properly.  Online means that your kiosk is connected to a Wi-Fi network with stable internet access.  Follow the steps for connecting to your Wi-Fi network to periodically check to make sure your kiosk is online.  If you have any issues, read about how to resolve internet & Wi-Fi issues