Small daily kiosk maintenance can ensure that your kiosk is always clean, working properly, connected to the internet, and recording accurate visit and credentialing data. To keep your kiosk in clean working order, we recommend that you periodically follow these simple tune-up steps.  

  • Checking the Internet Connection
  • Cleaning the Kiosk
  • Cleaning the Printer


If your kiosk is connected via Wi-Fi, it’s important to periodically check that it is connected to your Wi-Fi network. 

Check your connection by looking at the top right corner of the screen and you will see the universal Wi-Fi symbol:

If the Wi-Fi symbol is not there, follow the steps for connecting to your Wi-Fi network.


Recommendations for removing fingerprints and disinfecting the touch screen are below:

Cleaning Fingerprints on the Screen:

Occasionally the screen needs to be wiped off in order to remove fingerprints and keep it looking clean. We recommend wiping it with any cloth or cleaning device that is designed for smartphones or tablets. Using wipes rather than spray bottles is recommended to ensure low moisture accumulation on the kiosk. If you opt to use a product with a cleaning solution, it must not contain any bleach. 

Disinfecting the Screen:

For killing germs on the touchscreen you can use any disinfectant on the screen as long as it does not contain bleach, which will harm the screen.


Cleaning the printer can extend its life and keep the printed images on the badge tape clear and crisp. See the below suggestions for cleaning your printer:

Cleaning the Printer Exterior:

For killing germs on the touchscreen you can use any disinfectant on the screen as long as it does not contain bleach, which will harm the screen.

Cleaning the Print Rollers:

The print head remains clean under normal use, but if lint or dirt from the roller becomes stuck on the print head, it can cause white or blank lines and poor print quality. Occasionally clean the rollers using the cleaning sheet that came in the original printer packaging. See the instructions below about how to clean your printer rollers: 


  • Turn off the machine.
  • Hold the front of the machine and lift the roll compartment cover to open it.
  • Remove the protective sheet from the label output slot if it is installed.
  • Remove the label roll.
  • Remove the top part of the cleaning sheet (labeled B in the image below). Insert the bottom edge of the cleaning sheet (printed side up) into the label printer (labeled A in the image below). Do not peel off the bottom section of the sheet. Make sure the printed surface of the cleaning sheet is facing up.

  • Close the roll compartment cover.
  • Turn on the label printer.
  • Press and hold the Feed or Cutter button for more than one second.
  • If the cleaning sheet is not ejected, press and hold the Feed or Cuter button until it is ejected.
  • The adhesive surface of the cleaning sheet removes any lint and dirt from the roller. Dispose of the cleaning sheet, it can only be used one time.

Be sure to keep the door closed above the badge tape when in use to minimize dust and debris collection while maximizing printing quality for each badge. 

Use Correct Badge Tape Rolls:

Accushield supplies our communities with a specific badge tape that does not leave a residue on the rollers and blade of the printer. Using any other badge tape will inactivate your Accushield printer warranty.