Step One: In Google Play, search Accushield Connect, tap INSTALL and OPEN

Step Two: Select ALLOW to access device location. This is necessary for the auto GPS sign-out.

Step Three: Select ALLOW to access your calendar. This allows Reminders to be set on the app.

Step Four: Enter the cellphone number and tap "Verify Phone Number". You will get a 6-digit verification code to enter.

        The app will populate with all previously visited residents (mobile sign-ins are not currently available for visiting community         staff). 

        Guests must have signed-in at the kiosk at least once before resident will populate on their app. If no resident populates on     the app, or there is a  spinning blue circle, this indicates there are no previous resident visits associated with that cellphone.     Please Sign-in to visit the resident on the kiosk,  and then that resident will be added to the users app. Select a resident by tapping on their name.

Step Five: To sign-in tap VISIT

Your badge will print when you are in Bluetooth range of the printer (usually about 30’) 

Step Six: Optional customization If you would like to personalize a resident profile, select "Edit" in upper right corner. 

The "relationship" field can be edited as desired (example: Mom). Insert your favorite photo by tapping on the center circle and select from your iPhone library. 

When complete "Save". “Back" returns you to "Visit" screen.

Step Seven: You are signed in to visit a special resident!

Your badge will print when the cellphone is in Bluetooth range from printer (about 30’).

Tap OK The app returns to the resident page and the word VISIT changes to SIGN-OUT

If the badge does not print, the community kiosk may be offline. Please advise the front desk.

To sign out, simply tap SIGN-OUT If If you forget to sign-out, the app will do it for you when you drive away.

*When installing the app, please ALLOW the following permissions on your phone*

  • Allow this device to access calendar ALLOW (used to set reminders)
  • Access this devices location ALLOW
  • Make data available to Bluetooth devices :  OK ALLOW (necessary so the Accushield printer can print your badge as you approach it) 
  • Allow app to access your location?  OK ALLOW when using the app (necessary if you forget to sign-out, GPS will sign you out when you leave the property)