STEP 1     From the Home screen, tap App Store and tap Search (at the bottom right).  Type Accushield Connect 

STEP 2    Tap GET then  INSTALLand OPEN

STEP 3     Select ALLOW to "Accushield Connect" would like to send your notifications.   

Step 1

STEP 4 Select ALLOW to access your location "Only While Using App" ("Always" also can be selected)

STEP 5 A prompt asking to enter your cell phone.  Tap "Verify" in upper right corner.  Apple will text a 6 digit verification code.  After entering the 6 digit code, select "Next" in upper right corner and your app will populate with all residents you have visited at Accushield partner communities.  Select a resident by tapping on their name

STEP 6    If you would like to personalize a resident profile, select "Edit" in upper right corner 

STEP 7    The "relationship" field can be edited and the photo can be changed by tapping on the circle and selecting a photo from your iPhone Gallery or camera.  When complete, "Save" . "Back" will take you back to "Visit"page

STEP 8    To Sign-in at a community, tap "Visit".  The first time you use the app, you will be asked to Allow Bluetooth.  This is needed to print your badge.  Select OK 

STEP 9  Select OK to Access your microphone.  A microphone is only used to communicate with the sign-in kiosk to send and receive sign-in and sign-out data

STEP 10 You have signed in to see the selected resident and the badge will print when the cellphone is within bluetooth range of the printer (usually 30 feet).  When you tap OK, the app returns to the resident page and on the word "Visit" changes to "Sign-out".  If "Visitdoes not change to "Sign-out" or a badge does not print, confirm Bluetooth is enabled on the iPhone settings.  See Troubleshooting section for more solutions.