If a Resident in your community is not available to be selected when a vendor or guest is trying to sign in on your Accushield kiosk, follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure that Residents are:

    1. Added in your Accushield Dashboard account

    2. Marked as Active

    3. Assigned to the building where the kiosk is located as shown in the “Devices” tab in your Accushield Dashboard account

      1. If you have multiple kiosks, each kiosk can be assigned to a different building or all kiosks can be assigned to the same building
      2. Residents are assigned to each building.  Each kiosk will only show the residents that have been assign to the building where the kiosk is located
      3. Look at the screen shot below.  If your kiosk is assigned the Main Building, only Tony and Grover will be available as residents during sign-in.  Allen and George will not be available because they are assigned to different buildings
      4. For more information about how to add buildings for multi-kiosk communities, take a look at our Building Management solution
    4. If you need help with adding/editing residents, take a look at our Resident Management solution
  2. If Residents are properly added as described above, your kiosk is likely offline.  Follow instructions for connecting to Wi-Fi.
  3. If you are online (connected to wi-fi and the internet), restart the Accushield kiosk app
    1. Tap on the Accushield lock logo on the white background at the top of the screen of the kiosk at least 5 times  
    2. A blue screen overlay should come up, tap on the "restart app" button in the bottom left hand corner
    3. Attempt to sign in to check if everything is populating correctly
  4. If Residents are still not showing up in the kiosk, contact tech support.