1. Setup your kiosk
    1. Plug the kiosk into a wall power outlet.
    2. Turn on the kiosk by pressing and holding the power button (located on the top left side of the kiosk) for approximately 3-4 seconds.
    3. Swipe from left to right across the bottom of the tablet screen to unlock
    4. Wait for The Accushield Application open to the sign in page.
  2. Connect to Wifi
    1. Tap the Accushield logo at the top of the kiosk home screen 5-6 times and a blue screen will appear
    2. Tap the "Settings" option  
    3. Select the "Connections" option at the top left of the next screen 
    4. Tap on the "Wi-fi' option
    5. Tap the correct Wi-Fi network, tap “Connect,” type in the password and click “Connect.”
    6. Your Kiosk will automatically go back to the home screen after a few seconds 
  3. Test the Printer 
    1. Plug the printer into power.  The printer should automatically turn on.  If it does not, hit the power button on the printer (left-most button below the printer's display).
    2. Tap the lock icon of the Accushield logo in the middle of the tablet screen 5 times rapidly.
    3. On the next screen, tap on 'Print Evac Report' at the top left side of the tablet screen.
    4. If you get a screen pop up to pair the bluetooth printer, select OK or Pair.
    5. If the Evac Report prints, then your kiosk setup is complete.  
    6. If the Evac Report does not print, follow the steps in the Bluetooth Printer Issues Solution to pair the printer.
    7. If you have any issues, contact tech support.