Congratulations on your new Accushield kiosk! Let's get started setting it up. 

Making sure the kiosk is online (connected to Wi-Fi and the internetand the printer is connected to the kiosk is vital for the Accushield system working properly. The kiosk must have constant access to the internet to ensure all visit data and kiosk information is up to date. This article walks you through each step of the setup of your kiosk. 

Follow the instructions below to begin. 


  • Plug the kiosk into surge protector that is plugged into a wall power outlet
  • The kiosk will turn on automatically
  • Wait for the Accushield application to open to the sign in / sign out page


  • Tap the Accushield logo at the top of the kiosk sign in / sign out screen 5-6 times and the "Kiosk Description" page will appear

  • Tap the "Settings" option on the left side of the screen
  • Select "Network & Internet"
  • Tap "Wi-Fi"
  • Select the name of your staff's secure Wi-Fi network and enter the password
  • Tap "Connect"
  • Do one of the following steps to exit the settings menu:
    • Wait a minute or two for the kiosk to return to the Accushield application
    • Tap the left facing return arrow at the bottom of the screen in the navigation bar
    • Press and hold the power button to restart the kiosk

If you need more detailed instructions including screenshots, see the Connecting to Wi-Fi article.


  • Plug the printer power cord into surge protector that is plugged into a wall power outlet. The printer should automatically turn on.  If it does not, press the power button to turn on.

  • Plug the printer USB cable from under the kiosk into the back of the QL-800 or QL-710W printer.
    (Note: model number QL-820NWB connects via bluetooth, not USB, and should come already paired to your kiosk. If you need to reconnect that model printer to your kiosk, see the How To Re-Pair Your Bluetooth Printer article for instructions)

  • On the kiosk, tap the Accushield logo at the top of the sign in / sign out screen 5-6 times and the "Kiosk Description" page will appear

  • Test print to verify the printer connection. 

  • If you get a screen pop up that says, "allow the app to access the USB device", check the box to "use by default for this USB device" and then select OK.
  • If the Test Badge or Evac Report prints, then your kiosk setup is complete.  
  • If the Test Badge or Evac Report does not print, follow the steps in the  Bluetooth Printer Issues Solution to pair the printer.

If you have any issues, please send us an email at or call us at 1-800-478-5085 and select option 2 for communities, option 1 for existing communities, and then option 1 for kiosk support. 

See contact tech support for more inf