This feature is only intended for communities that have multiple buildings on their campus.  If you have 2 or more kiosks in more than one building, you have the ability to use the building concept in the Accushield Dashboard. You are able to create and name the different buildings appropriately.  Kiosks and Residents will then be assigned to the appropriate buildings. The benefit of this is that on your evacuation reports you will only see the residents and visitors in that building and not the whole community.

Since residents will only display in a kiosk assigned to their building, this feature should not be used if you have visitors that sign in in one building and then sign out in another. All visitors have to sign in and sign out in the same building in order for this to work.

Each building's kiosk visit logs will only display the visits for its building, but the Dashboard visitor log will display all visits from all buildings.

Creating a Building

To create a building, go to the Dashboard and select 'Buildings' (under Settings). Click “Add” to add a building, or check the box next to an existing building and choose "Edit" if you are wanting to edit an existing building.  Every community will start out with one building named “Main Building.”  This can be edited to match the name used by your community.

If you click that "Evac Report," button - you will be taken to the specific evacuation report for that specific building so that you can get a pulse on who is signed in / who is signed out of your building at any given time. 

Adding Residents to a Building

There is a “mass edit” capability in the resident section of the of the dashboard.  To move residents to a new building, you can go down and check the residents you wish to move.  Then, click the Filter button and choose which building to move them to from the drop down.  You have to do this one page at a time.  In other words, you have to do page one, then page 2, etc.

Assigning a Kiosk to a Building

Lastly, you will need to assign a kiosk to a building in order to show the correct residents.  To do this, you will go to the 'Kiosk' tab under Settings. 

This will give you a list of all of the kiosks that are assigned to your community.  Choose the appropriate kiosk and click the Edit icon.  Assign it to the appropriate building, and only the residents assigned to that building will appear on the kiosk.