The community requires annual proof of negative Tuberculosis. Submit a copy for each employee for whom you are providing verification. The proof of negative TB (Tuberculosis SkinTest /PPD,Mantoux,TST) must be from within the past 12 months and meet the following criteria:

  • Must be submitted annually
  • Must include the date of administration and reading of the PPD (The measurement in millimeters of the induration) and
  • Must include the signature or stamp of the MD, DO, RN, APRN, PA, or clinic.
  • In the case of positive test results:
    • You will need to submit one clear x-ray report (valid for five (5) years). Please do not send actual X-ray.


    • a TB Symptom Questionnaire needs to be submitted annually starting after one (1) year of original X-ray. It needs to be signed by a healthcare professional or an employee at your agency who asked the questions. For a sample questionnaire visit and click on Solutions.
  • We also accept negative results of Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA) testing.
  • We do not accept the BCG vaccine in lieu of the negative TB test results.