The background check for each employee needs to include the following information:

  1. National Sex Offender Registry Check. This can be done online for free at 
  2. Submit either of the following:

Statewide Background Check

Statewide check that includes all felonies and misdemeanors from a reputable background check agency, 

based on a 7-year SSN address history* of the individual. It must include all states in which they have lived 

during the 7-year period.


County and National Background Checks for All Relevant Counties

A background check of all relevant counties* can be sent along with a national background check from a 

reputable criminal background check agency. All counties in which the individual has lived during the 7-year 

period must be included.

* Any of the above background checks must state in the report that they are based on a SSN 7-Year Address History Trace of the individual. This statement validates that the report is based on a SSN that shows the individual’s 7-year address history. If this statement is not provided in the report,a separate Social Security Trace must be completed by a reputable background check company and must include the specific addresses the individual has lived at as well as the dates he/she has lived there.

We cannot accept documents that include Social Security Numbers and Driver License Numbers. If any of your documentation includes this information, please redact it before sending it directly to Accushield.

We will accept a criminal background check from any reputable third-party service, as long as it meets the community standards listed above. If you need an agency to perform a Criminal Background Check for an employee see below for the option of using MLQ Attorney Services.

A volume discount has been negotiated with MLQ Attorney Services to conduct an adequate background check. A release form, credit card authorization form, and any state specific documents required for MLQ Background Services are available for download by visiting the credentialing section at under the solutions tab. These documents should be submitted directly to MLQ if you choose to use their services. They will run the background check(s) and submit the results directly to Accushield on your behalf.

Note: MLQ is unaffiliated with Accushield, and independently operated. For accurate pricing information, please contact MLQ at or 
call 800-446-8794.