If you are having trouble turning on your kiosk, follow the steps below to perform a "Soft Reset"

  1. Using a Phillips head screw driver, unscrew the 4 screws on the back of the top of the kiosk holding the tablet
  2. Remove the metal and plastic frames that covers the tablet
  3. Make sure the micro USB end of the kiosk power cable is plugged into the micro usb port of the tablet
  4. Plug the USB end of kiosk power cable into the Samsung power adapter and plug them into a wall power outlet
  5. Wait for 10 minutes to ensure the tablet is charged with enough power to start
  6. Press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons simultaneously for about 10 to 15 seconds
  7. The tablet should turn back on.  Swipe from left to right across the bottom of the screen to unlock the tablet and the Accushield app should open
  8. If the tablet is still off, but is showing the battery icon with the percentage that the battery is charged.  Simply hold down the power button for a couple seconds to turn the tablet on.