You have the ability to add your community or corporate logo to your vendor and visitor badges as well as the kiosk screensaver. To upload your logo, login to your community's Dashboard account and use the following instructions: 

First, login to your Dashboard account, and select the "Community Logo" tab.

Next, select "browse" and choose your community or corporate logo from your file folder. 


Select "Upload" and your logo will be uploaded to your Dashboard. 

***Very important*** You will need to restart the application on your kiosk in order for the logo to pull through and begin printing on your badges. To do this, go to your kiosk and tap five or six times quickly on the Accushield logo on the white bar at the top of the screen. Then, at the bottom of the page you'll have the option to select "Restart App". Once you select Restart App, your kiosk will reboot quickly and your logo will begin printing on your badges. If you have any issues, please contact