Accushield offers the ability to run an Evacuation (EVAC) Report, allowing you to account for your residents and visitors during an emergency drill or real evacuation scenario. Your EVAC Report shows you a list of all residents, visitor, and vendors that are in the building, as well as a list of residents signed out of the building. In addition to running the EVAC report from your kiosk, you can also view the EVAC report through your Dashboard account, which we will cover in the article below.

Accessing your EVAC report from your computer’s web browser and mobile phone. You can follow the same instructions for both.

Log into Accushield Dashboard, from either your computer or smart phone. There, you can access the EVAC report in two different ways: 1.) select Evacuation Report from the Dashboard homepage or 2.) hover over the “Reports” dropdown menu and select “Evac Report.” Once either are selected, your EVAC report will run and open automatically.

Your EVAC Report defaults to your “Main Building’s” report. If you are using the building’s feature, you can change the report to another building if needed-- simply click on the dropdown menu and select the building that is being evacuated. This has checkboxes that your community can use during an emergency, either on your desktop or smartphone, so you can account for each person listed as being in the building. If completed on your desktop, it is print-friendly using the quick print button at the top of the report.