You can quickly identify who is in your building at any time through the Accushield solution, either on your kiosk or through your Dashboard account. The Visitor Log/Ledger is a great tool to see when a specific visitor has been in your building or when a certain resident has received visits over a designated timeframe, for instance. The Accushield solution also allows you to view the residents who have signed out of your building, either on your Dashboard account or kiosk. This enables you to know where a resident is and who they are with, if applicable, at any time. Follow the instructions below to access your Visitor Log/Ledger and Resident Sign-Out Log.

Accessing the Visitor Log/Ledger and Resident Sign Out pages through your Dashboard account

Log into your Dashboard account, either through your computer or smart phone’s web browser. Once on the homepage, you can access your Visitor Log/Ledger in two ways: 1.) select “Visitor Log/Ledger” or 2.) hover over the “Reports” tab and select “Visitor Log/Ledger”. Either way, you’ll be taken to a full list of who is in your building at that given time, or who have been in your building previously.

Once on your visitor log, you can see current and past visitor or vendor visits to your community. Anyone highlighted in yellow is still in the building. Your ledger includes the date and time someone signed in, the company they work for and service provided (if applicable), and the resident or staff member each person


The great thing about your Visitor Log/Ledger is that you can look at specific data points for visits to your community. For instance, need to look for all visits during a certain date range? Just change the starting and ending date to match what you need, then hit “submit”. Or, need to look for when a specific visitor or company has been in your building during a specific time period? Choose the time period, and then click on the search by option. You can then search by resident, company, staff, visitors and more.

The Visitor Log/Ledger is where you will also find two pictures of each visitor taken upon every sign in at the kiosk. To access the visitor pictures, simply click on the camera icon to the right of the visitor you need to see. Two pictures of the person will then populate on the page. Click the “X” to exit out of the images.

Accessing your Resident Sign Out Log 

Accessing your Resident Sign Out Log through your Dashboard is similar to accessing your visitor log. First, click on “Reports” and select the “Resident Sign Out Log” option.

You’ll then be taken to a list of the residents who are currently signed out, or who have been signed out previously. You can see the date and time a resident signed out, and who the resident left the building with, their contact information and where they went (if applicable). You can always share this information, if needed, by selecting “Export to CVS”.

If you need to search for when a specific resident has been out of the building, choose your date range and click on the search by box. Choose “resident name”, type the resident’s name into the search bar and click “submit”. You will then get a report of all the times that specific resident has signed out of your building.

Accessing your Visitor Log/Ledger and Resident Sign Out Log through your Kiosk

To access your Visitor Log/Ledger and Resident Sign Out Log on your kiosk, simply tap 5 to 6 times on the grey bar at the bottom of the kiosk (the bar where the “need help” phone number” is). Once you do so, a new page will populate your screen. On the visitor's tab, you’ll see a list of the visitors, volunteers, or vendors who are currently signed in, or have been signed in over the last 24 hours or so. On the resident's tab, you’ll see the list of residents currently signed out, or who have signed out of the building over the last 24 hours. You can differentiate an open visit/open outing or a closed visit/closed outing easily—any open visit or outing is highlighted in yellow. Any closed visit or outing is no longer highlighted in yellow.

You can easily sign a vendor or visitor out from the kiosk ledger, or sign a resident back in as well. Simply tap the person’s name who you want to sign in or out. Then, on the bottom left select “sign in” or “sign out” depending on the scenario. You can also view where a resident is, who they are with and the person’s contact information by clicking on any resident’s name, as long as they entered that information into the kiosk upon their sign out.