Use the Accushield Dashboard to set text and email alerts based on predefined conditions of sign-in and sign-out activity from your kiosk. You can automate visit alerts based on different scenarios and criteria.

To create a visit alert based on a specific visitor, you must use the mobile phone number of a visitor that has previously signed in at the kiosk. You can search through your 'Visitor Log/Ledger' in your Dashboard to identify the phone number associated to the name of a visitor. 

Listed below are 6 types of alerts you can set through the Alerts tab. Click on the links below to see instructions on setting up each of the 6 alerts. To create Health Screening alerts, please visit the Health Screening Customizations article: 


There are different scenarios that lead communities to use visit alerts to notify their teams. See some scenario examples below: 

    Visitor alert scenarios:

  • AR Upkeep - family member who visits and consistently pays rent late
  • Ombudsman Alert - Ombudsman signing into the community
  • Restraining Order - individual should not be visiting a resident or be on community property

    Company alert scenarios:

  • Company Challenges - a specific company giving the community issues
  • Self-Employed Sign in - self-employed providers signing in at the kiosk 
  • State Employee Alert - state employee or ombudsman signing into the community

    Staff alert scenarios

  • Tour - a group or individual signs in at the kiosk
  • Personal visit - personal notification when someone selects your name in the kiosk
  • Staff notification - alerts to a staff member that is moving locations often such as a maintenance director

     Resident alert scenarios

  • Residents who should not have visits- notification when someone selects a specific resident's name in the kiosk. 
  • Care Change Conversations - be notified when residents get a visit if you need to talk to a specific resident's family about care changes with their loved one.

    Event alert scenarios

  • Tour or other event notifications - a group or individual signs in at the kiosk

    Status alert scenarios: (Status alerts are specific to credentialing communities)

  • New Providers - New caregiver working in your community
  • Difficult Provider - not following community rules
  • Non Compliant Provider - not complying with credentialing process


Once you've created a new alert in the Dashboard, click the 'Alerts' tab to see a list of all existing alerts. From this page you can select any of the options below for a listed alert: 

  • View alert history
  • Disable alert
  • Edit alert
  • Delete alert