The kiosk visit log shows a quick view of visitor sign ins and resident sign outs in your community. This is where you can manually close any current visitor sign in or current resident sign out. This upkeep is vital to ensure evacuation reports are accurate. 

Follow instructions below for viewing and editing the kiosk visit log.


  • On the kiosk sign in / sign out screen you will see some white space along the bottom of the screen. Tap near the middle of the white space 5-7 times until the kiosk ledger screen opens.

  • On the kiosk visit log screen, you can view a list of visitor and resident kiosk activity. You will see the visitor list and be able to swipe left to access the resident list

  • Viewing visitor sign ins: 
  • Visitors who are still in the building are displayed in light green
  • Visitors who have signed out themselves or by a staff member have "Time Out" displayed
  • Visitors who did not sign out have "N/A" displayed for Time Out, but they have been automatically signed out by the Accushield System. 
  • Viewing residents sign outs:  
    • Open visits, in which the resident is still out of the building, will appear in light green.
    • Closed visits, in which the resident has returned, appear in white.  



  • Tap the name of the visitor in yellow that you want to sign out of the building. A pop-up window will appear displaying their kiosk activity information. On the bottom left corner of the window, tap “sign-out”.  After a few seconds the screen will refresh and you will see that visit as closed out on the ledger and appearing in white.