You can access your community’s compliance report at any time through your Community Dashboard. This will keep you informed about who is coming to your community that is fully vetted through the Accushield system (Compliant), anyone still within their 30-day grace period (Temporary), or anyone who has yet to submit their credentials to Accushield (Non-Compliant). Follow the steps below to learn how to run your community’s compliance report:


Once logged-in to your Community Dashboard, hover over the “Reports Tab” and then select “Compliance Report.”

On the next page, click the drop down and select either a “Week” or a “Month”, then your date range within the calendar option, and select “Submit.” This will provide you with a report for the chosen time period.

Once your report loads, you’ll be able to view the Compliant, Temporary, and Non-Compliant vendors who have signed in during the time period selected. You can always export your report to a CSV or PDF file if necessary.