If you are a Dashboard Community Admin you have the ability to create Dashboard accounts for any new staff members, or add staff members to display in the kiosk. First, sign into dashboard.accushield.com and scroll over the "Staff" tab. To create a new Staff Member so they display in the kiosk, or to give them Dashboard access, select the"Staff Member Accounts" option.

Once the Staff Member page loads, select "Add Staff."

On the next page, enter the pertinent information for the staff member (name, title, email address, etc). If you are creating a Dashboard account for the individual, you'll need to create a password for them. We suggest giving the staff member a generic password that they can change later, like the word "password." As long as you check off the box that says, "Send Password to Staff Member," they will receive an email with Dashboard log in instructions and can update their own password. 

If you want the staff member's name to display in the kiosk, check the box that says to Display the Staff Member in the Kiosk. Then, select all permissions you want that staff member to have for your community. Once you've entered the staff member's information and selected the appropriate permissions, click "Save."

If at any time you need to remove the staff member from the kiosk or revoke Dashboard rights, you can do so through the staff member tab. Once you select the "Staff Member Accounts" tab, click the edit icon next to the staff member's name you'd like to deactivate. Then, at the bottom of the next page select "Inactive" and save the changes. The staff member would then no longer display on the kiosk or have Dashboard access. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Accushield Account Manager, or reach out to communitysupport@accushield.com