Your community's Dashboard Admin can create Dashboard accounts for staff members or add staff member names to display in the kiosk. If your community chooses to have your employees sign in at the kiosk to capture health screening questions, you can require them to enter an employee ID or personal mobile phone number that is set up in the Dashboard. You can set up your staff members two ways: 1. Individually and 2. A bulk import using .csv file.

Follow the steps below for create a new staff member in the Dashboard. 

1. Adding Staff Members Individually

  • Sign in to the Dashboard
  • Select “Staff” and then “Staff Accounts

  • Click the green “Add” button

  • Enter the employee's first name, last name and job title

  • Should you select Dashboard Access, email will become a required field and you will be asked to enter a Password. Passwords are case sensitive and should have eight(8) or more characters, upper and lowercase letters and at least one number and special character. 

The easiest way to upload a .csv file is to download the staff template from the Dashboard's staff tab. Once you select "Staff Member Accounts", you'll then want to select "Upload Staff".

Next, download the staff template, enter your community's information into the template and be sure to save the file as a .csv. Next, upload your file and click "Submit". Your staff roster should then be uploaded into the Dashboard.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at