It is important for all staff to understand the difference between guest and service provider badges. We suggest educating staff to know the difference between badges and empowering them to say something if it appears someone has signed in incorrectly. 

As you can tell in the images below, badges for guests are more square shaped and meant to be worn vertically, while provider badges are meant to be worn horizontally. If someone is wearing a guest badge and working with a resident/in scrubs, your staff should know that they have signed in incorrectly. If a family member is wearing a horizontal badge, then you’ll know if they chose the wrong option when signing in. Educate your staff more by printing the attachment and hanging in your break room! 

Guest Badge

Only individuals who are family, friends or volunteers should receive the guest badge. The guest badge is worn vertically. If anyone is wearing this badge, they should not be a paid provider.

Provider Badge

Only individuals who are onsite providing a paid service to the community or to a resident should be wearing a provider badge. The provider badge is worn horizontally.

Temporary Provider Badge

All paid providers to be credentialed will receive this badge upon initial registration by signing in the kiosk for the first time. The temporary badge will print for 30 days, or until the provider submits the community’s credentialing requirements. If the provider is not credentialed by the end of their 30-day grace period, they will then receive a denied badge until their credentials are submitted and approved. Upon initial registration, the vendor will also receive a secondary badge instructing them to visit the Accushield website to complete registration. 


Denied Provider

We recommend following the below suggestions when working with a denied provider who is not in compliance with the community's credentialing policy:

  1. Inform the caregiver will be denied access to this community if they do not submit their credentials
  2. Ask them if they or their agency has decided not to comply with the community’s new policy.
  3. If they refuse to comply, then let them know that the community will be speaking to the resident about transitioning their care needs to a properly credentialed care provider. 
  4. Capture provider’s agency or company name and their supervisor’s name, phone number, and email address. 


Exempt Provider

A community can exempt individuals or agencies from being required to submit the credentials requested by your community when working on your private property. A exemption is related to the phone number or a company name that an individual selects when signing in at the kiosk. An exempted provider will receive a provider badge after they sign in. To request an exemption for a provider or agency, contact

Banned Visitors

A community can ban individuals or agencies from entry on their private property. A ban is related to the phone number that a visitor signs in with or a company name that an individual provider chooses when signing in. To request a ban for a visitor, contact Also, we advise that you set a Visit Alert to be notified when a banned visitor signs in at the kiosk in your community. Go to your Dashboard to manage your community alerts.  

See below for the differences between guest and provider bans: 

Banned Providers will receive a printed DENIED badge upon signing in at the kiosk if their phone number or agency is banned from your community. 


Banned Guests will not receive a printed badge when signing in. An error message will direct the visitor to the front desk once they have signed in at the kiosk. See the below error message: 

Please see the front desk.

Error code: 42