The "Attend an Event or Volunteer" button seen on your kiosk when signing-in helps your visitors more specifically identify why they are visiting your community. The three visit options a visitor can choose are: 

  • Meet a Staff Member
  • Visit a Resident
  • Attend an Event or Volunteer

Many visitors in communities attend events rather than just visit a specific resident or staff member. Some communities may have bridge games or other recurring events. The option to choose an event when signing-in at the kiosk will help to have more accurate visit information in your Dashboard

To set up an event in your kiosk, see the Creating New Staff Members on the Dashboard article. When a visitor chooses the "Attend an Event or Volunteer" button when signing-in, they will see a list that has both events and staff member names.

An event will be set up the same way a staff member is created. To display your events together on the kiosk, leave the "last name" blank when creating the event. The staff and events will be sorted by last name and therefore will automatically put your events at the top of the list.