If you are having problems printing badges with a bluetooth printer (the model number is QL-820NWB), re-pair the bluetooth connection between the kiosk and the printer.

  1. Tap 5-6 times on the Accushield logo at the top of the home screen and a blue screen will appear. 

  2. Tap on "Settings"

  3. Select the "Connections" option at the top left of the next screen
  4. Tap Bluetooth

  5. Make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on 

    1. Ensure that the checkbox to the far right of 'Bluetooth - Galaxy Tab A' is checked

    2. If it is not, tap on the checkbox

    3. A window will pop-up asking to allow permission to turn on Bluetooth.  Tap YES

  6. Under Available Devices, look for a printer with a name that begins with QL-820NWB (for example QL-820NWB8102) and tap it.  Make sure to scroll all the way down the list to find the printer

    1. If you want to find the printer name, go to the printer and tap the Menu button

    2. Tap the Up Arrow button 2 times until you get to Bluetooth.  Tap OK
    3. Tap the Down Arrow button 2 times until you get to Bluetooth Status.  Tap OK
    4. Find the Device Name (for example QL-820NWB8102)
    5. Take note of the printer name so you know it when you pair the printer and tablet
    6. Tap the back button on the printer 3 times to go back to the printer’s Home Screen that displays the date and time
    7. Go back to the kiosk
  7. A window will pop-up that says “Bluetooth pairing request.”  Tap OK

  8. Press the tablet’s Home button through the plastic frame in the middle of the right hand side of the tablet screen.  This will take you back to the Sign In screen

  9. Sign In to verify that you can print a badge