The Accushield kiosk contains a list of your residents that can be searched when a visitor signs in to identify whom the visitor is seeing.  The resident list can can be updated manually in the Accushield Dashboard or automated through our Resident List Integration with your system that contains your resident list (Caremerge, PointClickCare, Yardi, etc.).  We have two types of integrations: EDI integration and resident file import API.   See below for more information and how to request the resident list integration for your community.

EDI Integration

We currently offer EDI (electronic data interchange) integrations with Caremerge and PointClickCare.  These systems send updates to Accushield with new residents and changes existing residents.  If you would like to set up an EDI integration, follow the instructions below:


  • To learn more about Caremerge's integrations go to
  • If you would like to set up the integration with Caremerge, send an email to with your Caremerge Community ID
  • Once we receive your request, we will work with Caremerge to set up your integration and notify you once it is live


  • To learn more about the PointClickCare (PCC) integration go to this link on the PCC Marketplace 
  • In order to use this integration, you must have the Vendor Integration Subscription with PointClickCare for each PCC Facility ID that you want to integrate with Accushield
  • PointClickCare also charges a $20 per month integration fee for each PCC Facility ID using the integration.  If you are integrating multiple PCC Facility ID's, PCC will only charge one $20 integration fee if the facilities are located at the same physical address, in adjacent buildings, or on the same campus.  The integration fee will be added to your monthly Accushield community fee once the PointClickCare integration is live
  • If you would like to set up the integration with PointClickCare, send an email to and we will provide instructions for submitting an activation request through your PointClickCare admin login.  If you are integrating multiple PCC Facility ID's, please include that in your email and we will ask PointClickCare to approve one $20 per month integration fee instead of a fee for each PCC Facility ID if your Facility ID's are located at the same physical address, in adjacent buildings, or on the same campus 
  • Once we receive and approve your activation request, PointClickCare will process your request within 5-7 business days.  Finally, we will complete the setup on our end and notify you that the integration is live 

Resident File Import API

Any system that can send a CSV (comma-separated values) file of your residents to our API (application programming interface) endpoint can use our Resident File Import API.  Once your file is received, our API imports your resident file and syncs it with your Accushield kiosk and dashboard.  We recommend automating the sending of your file on a nightly basis.  MatrixCare, Vitals, and Yardi are some of the systems that use this API.

  • If you would like to use the Resident File Import API, send an email to and we will provide you instructions for formatting your CSV file and how to send it to our API endpoint
  • For MatrixCare: Please reach out to your MatrixCare representative to have them activate the API.  
  • Our communities who have set up the API work with their IT person or representative with their system that contains their resident list to complete the setup
  • Once you are ready to start sending your resident file, send an email to communitysupport@accushield.comwith:
    • The community ID or facility ID for your community in your system.  This will allow us to sync the resident file we receive through the API to your Accushield kiosk and dashboard
    • The email address where you want to send the import confirmation email.  Confirmation of your import is sent as a full file email with the success or failure status for each resident record

Additional Notes

Once the resident list integration is live and you are syncing residents from your system with Accushield: 

  • Do not add new residents manually in the Accushield Dashboard.  This will create duplicates
  • Do not edit the following fields for existing residents in the Accushield Dashboard. Your changes will be overwritten by the integration
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Room Number
    • Resident Status (Active/Inactive/Deceased)
    • Resident Type (IL/AL/MC/SNF)
  • You can continue to edit the following fields for residents in the Accushield Dashboard.  These fields are not updated by the integration
    • Phone Number
    • Building
    • Do Not Disturb (checkbox)
    • Note
  • If you are an Accushield customer that was adding and updating residents manually, we will deactivate your existing residents right before going live with the integration.  You may see duplicate residents on your Accushield care report during the transition that will go away after a few weeks