Use the Accushield Dashboard to set text and email alerts based on predefined conditions of sign-in and sign-out activity at the kiosk in your community. 

To create a visit alert based on a specific visitor, you must use the mobile phone number of a visitor that has previously signed in at the kiosk. You can search through the 'Visitor Log/Ledger' in your Dashboard to identify the phone number associated with the visitor if they have previously visited. 

Below are a variety of scenarios in which Status based alerts may be helpful for you and your team. See how to set these alerts under Advanced Alert Settings at the bottom of the page. 

  • New Provider - New caregiver working in your community
  • Difficult Provider - not following community rules
  • Non Compliant Provider - not complying with credentialing process


To set up a Visitor alert, follow the steps below:

  • In your Dashboard, hover over the Setting tab and choose Alerts from the dropdown. Then click 'Create New Alert' 

  • Add a description, enter the phone number of a visitor that has previously visited your community, and select the criteria of the visit in which you want to be alerted.

    If you leave a selection blank, the alert will apply to any attribute of the selection criteria. A selection drop down option that does not apply to a specific visitor will be grayed out and therefore can not be selected. (Ex: If a visitor is a 'Guest', the company selection will be inactive and will say 'Any Company')

  • Confirm the visitor name and alert information in the 'Summary' box to the right

  • Select the timing of the notifications

  • Choose staff phone number and email to receive notifications 

  • Review the summary box to confirm the alert information and click 'Save' at the bottom of the page


In addition to the basic alert settings listed above, you can set variations in the alert logic for more specific criteria. See some examples below: 

  • New Providers - set the 'specific visitor' phone number and select the 'New' for 'Service Provider Status'.
  • Difficult Provider - set the 'specific visitor' phone number and select their company name under 'Specific Company' and select 'Non Compliant' for 'Service Provider Status'.
  • Non Compliant Provider - leave the 'specific visitor' phone number blank and select the 'Non Compliant' for 'Service Provider Status'.


Once you've created a new alert in the Dashboard, click the 'Alerts' tab to see a list of all existing alerts. From this page you can select any of the options below for a listed alert: 

  • View alert history
  • Disable alert
  • Edit alert
  • Delete alert