The Accushield kiosk defaults to taking 2 security photos as visitors sign in at the kiosk. Security photographs help identify individuals that may be signing in fraudulently or to confirm when a visitor was in the community in cases of community theft or other incidences. Follow the instructions below to edit your kiosk photograph settings.

Depending on the Accushield application installed on your kiosk, you will be able to either edit photo settings or your kiosk will be set to the standard preset photo capture settings. 

Follow the instructions below to edit your photo settings. 


  • If your kiosk sign in / sign out screen matches the image below, sign in to your Dashboard account at to editing your photo capture settings. 

  • Select "Sign In Features" Under "Settings"

  • Scroll down and check "Enable Visitor Photo"

  • Select one of the 3 options below: 
    • "Base (2 Security Pictures)" - the kiosk will take 2 pictures randomly during the sign in process
    • "Smile (1 Security Picture & 1 Smile Pic)" - the kiosk will take 1 picture randomly during the sign in process. The kiosk will also take 1 picture after asking the visitor to smile with a 10 second countdown or they can tap "Take picture now"

  • "Camera Off (No Pictures)" - the kiosk will not take any pictures during the sign in process

  • Click "Save"

All images taken at the kiosk will be visible only in your Dashboard account for those who have access to the "Visitor Log/Ledger" report for security purposes. Photographs are not stored on the kiosk for the privacy of your visitors.