During family/guest or volunteer sign in's, the Accushield kiosk can sign in groups with multiple members by one person signing in on behalf of the entire group. This feature makes the sign in process much quicker while keeping records of kiosk activity accurate for evacuation reports and community visit data. 

NOTE: group sign in is not available if your community has health screening functionality turned on.


During the sign in process, one individual per group (25 people or less) can sign in on behalf of the group by answering yes when asked if additional people are signing in with them. 


They will be asked to enter how many people are in the group. If a group exceeds 25 people, they can split the group into multiple sign ins with numbers smaller than 25. A unique individual needs to sign in for each group.

After the sign in process is complete, each person in the group will receive a printed badge to wear while in the community with the following information:

  • Last name of group representative
  • Phone number of group representative
  • The number you are in the group (ex: 2 if your badge is the 2nd of 10)  


The whole group can sign out by a group representative signing out and tapping the button "Whole group" or an individual can sign out alone by entering the following information:

  • Mobile phone number of the individual who signed in, as printed on your name badge
  • The number you are in the group (ex: Enter number 2 if your badge is number 2 of 10)