The scanner setup instructions walk you through the preparation process to start using the Accushield scanner.  To learn more about the mobile app and scanner, see the Kiosk Scanner FAQs article.

Listed below are the items that shipped in the scanner box that your received:

  • Scanner
  • USB-Ethernet cable
  • USB-USB Micro adapter

See the instructions below for setting up your scanner. Please follow all instructions below. 



            Before setting up the scanner, be sure that your kiosk, printer, and thermometer are all setup and 

            fully operational. See the links below for instructions to setup if needed:


1. New Kiosk Setup Instructions

2. Thermometer Installation


1. Add Employee Mobile Phone Number

Any staff in your community using the mobile app and scanner for signing in must have a valid mobile phone number listed in their Dashboard account. See the steps below to update an existing staff member or see the Creating New Staff Members in the Dashboard article for full instructions on adding staff.

    a. Log into your Dashboard

    b. Under the 'Staff' tab, click 'Staff Member Accounts' then click the edit icon to the far right of

 an employee name 

c. Enter a valid mobile phone number for the employee and click 'Update'

d. Restart your kiosk by tapping 5 times on the Accushield logo and tap 'Restart App'

2. Enable Mobile App by Selecting the Select Scanner Type: 

    a. Under the 'Settings' tab, click 'Kiosks' then click the edit icon to the far right of

 kiosk name

b. Under 'Scanner Type', select 'Sleek - Free Standing' and then click save 

NOTE: If you do not see the edit icon in the kiosk list, then you do not have Community Admin permissions. Go to the 'Staff' tab and select 'Staff Member Accounts'.   Find your Community Admin(s) and ask them to change the 'Scanner Type'


1. Connect Your Scanner

a. Tilt the scanner forward to expose the the ethernet port located on the lower back side of the scanner

b. Face down the locking tab on the ethernet end of the cable and then insert into the port on the lower back of the scanner. Be sure insert the cable over the black U shaped brace at the base of the port. 

c. Insert the male USB end of the cable into the female USB end of the adapter. 

d. Place the kiosk upside down on a soft surface. Remove 1 of the 2 port covers located on the left and right backside of your tablet. Removing the port cover will expose the micro USB port.

e. Insert the micro USB cable into the micro USB port on the back of your tablet. Once the scanner is plugged in, you will hear 3 ascending beeps and red light will appear on the top of the canner.

f. Click OK on the kiosk screen when asked to allow the kiosk to access the USB device.

g. Return the kiosk, printer, and scanner back in position for use. 

2. Initializing the Scanner

a. To activate the scanner, scan the barcode pictured below. This is a one time setup and this step must be completed for the scanner to work.

3. Setting Scanner Volume

a. To silence the audible beeps that chirp when the scanner is powered, scan the barcode pictured below.

b. To adjust the in use volume of the scanner, scan the barcode pictured below.

4. Restart Kiosk App

a. Tap the Accushield logo at the top of the kiosk sign-in / sign-out screen 5-6 times and the "Kiosk Description" page will appear.


b.  Tap 'Restart App' at the bottom left side of the screen. After about 5 seconds, you should be back to the sign-in / sign-out page and your kiosk will be updated. If you have any issues restarting your kiosk app, click How To Restart the Kiosk App article for more instructions. 


1. On your mobile device, go to the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and search for Accushield Mobile.

2. Download the app, open, and follow the prompts. Staff can use the attached document for quick download of the app on their device. 

For additional support, contact us at or call 800-478-5085, ext. 202.