Depending on which Accushield application is installed on your kiosk, the phone number entered by new registrants is automatically verified to ensure that it is the actual mobile phone number of the individual signing in. Phone number verification strengthens community safety by minimizing opportunities for fraudulent sign ins and keeps your resident care data accurate for your community.


The kiosk uses the visitor's 10 digit personal mobile phone number as a unique identifier specific to the individual when signing into the kiosk. Based on which Accushield application is installed on your kiosk, the authenticity of the phone number for first time users of the kiosk is confirmed through a "One-time PIN" immediately texted to the phone number during the sign in process. For this feature, the kiosk must be consistently connected to the internet to verify guests phone numbers during a sign in. If you have questions about your kiosk connectivity to the internet, see the Internet & Wi-Fi Issues article.

Once they receive the text and enter the "One-time PIN" in the kiosk, they can finish their sign in and receive their visitor badge to enter the community. 

During subsequent sign ins, a visitor will not be asked a second time to verify their phone number if it was authenticated on the previous visit.  


Phone number verification settings default to verifying only Healthcare Provider and Service Provider phone numbers. Depending on which Accushield application in installed on your kiosk, you can edit your phone number verification settings in the Dashboard to enable or disable for Healthcare Provider and Service Provider, Family and Guest, and Volunteer phone number authentication during the sign in process.