To enable Email Capture, sign into your account. Hover over the "Settings" tab and select the "Sign in Features" option.

Next, under the Community Sign in Features section, select visitor types you'd like to capture email on. Once you select the appropriate visitor type, select the Frequency to ask for the visitors' email address.     

Frequency:  The visitors can be asked daily, monthly or every 3 months to provide an email address.  If visitors do not have an email address, they will be able to select “I don’t have an email address” and continue with sign in.   Once an email address is captured and validated, the user will not be asked again!  

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save" to start collecting email addresses.

Kiosk Behavior

On the kiosk, during the provider, visitor, or volunteer sign in process, the user will be asked to enter their email address based on the frequency setting.  Once the email is captured, the kiosk will remember the email address previously entered.   If the user selects “I don’t have an email address”, they will be prompted again based on the frequency setting.

Email validation:   Visitors will receive an email and will be prompted to confirm the email address entered.  This is done to ensure accuracy and prevent fraudulent email use.    If the visitor does not click the “Verify My Email” link within three (3) days, their email address will be removed and the visitor will be prompted again to enter their email on the kiosk based on the frequency setting.


To access the email address data, go to the "Reports" tab and choose the "Visitor Log/Ledger" option. 

Now enter the date range you wish to view the data for and click submit. 

Next, hit "Export to CSV".

 Now select "View Exported Files".

When the report export has been complete, there will be a blue download icon next to the request report. Once you select the download icon, the report will download and will include a column with the visitor's email addresses.

Communities can leverage this information to communicate with their visitors!  

Please note that Accushield will not be using these email addresses for marketing nor will Accushield provide these email addresses to any external parties.

For questions or concerns about this, or other Accushield features, please reach out to us at