Based on the Accushield application installed on your kiosk, the Accushield kiosk has the ability to collect visitor's vehicle information when specific individuals sign in to your community. Knowing information about a visitor's vehicle can be helpful in emergency situations or if your community enforces parking guidelines.

The default setting for Visitor Vehicle Capture asks Healthcare Providers and Service Providers to provide information about their vehicle when signing in. On their first time signing in at the kiosk, they are asked to provide the: 

  • Make & Model 
  • Color
  • License plate number of their vehicle

On subsequent sign ins, the vehicle information that was entered for the first sign in will appear on a summary page for confirmation and can be edited as needed. 

You can edit the Vehicle Capture settings in your Dashboard to enable or disable during sign-ins for:

  • Healthcare Provider and Service Provider
  • Family and Guest
  • Volunteer