When a visitor signs in at your kiosk, they can select to visit either a resident, staff member, or an event. Common events to set up are tour, bridge club, or bingo. Having visit information segmented between those categories gives you more accurate visit data and better overall care information for your community.

Follow the steps below to create and display an event in the kiosk.  


The Dashboard is where you can create, edit, or disable events for your community. To get started, sign in to your Dashboard account at Dashboard.Accushield.com

  • Select "Events" under "Settings"

  • Click "Add Community Event"

  • Enter event name and description

  • Select either "Permanent" or "One time event" for the timing

  • If you choose "One time event", select the date and time of the event

  • Click "Save"

  • To edit the event, click the blue icon on the far righthand side of the event name. 

Your event should be in the kiosk and ready to be selected by your visitors


  • During the sign in process at the kiosk, tap "Attend Event" when prompted

  • Select an event

  • After completing the sign in process, take the visitor badge to wear while on the community's private property. 

If you need additional support, please send us an email at techsupport@accushield.com or call us at 1-800-478-5085 and select option 2 for communities, option 1 for existing communities, and then option 1 for kiosk support.