Your community can track staff temperatures and other health screenings through the kiosk. As your employees sign in at the kiosk, you can prompt them to answer health screening questions and enter their current temperature and pulse oximeter levels. All employee sign in data is accessible in the staff sign in log in the DashboardSee the instructions below for a staff sign in / sign out and enabling a staff badge. 


  • Tap the yellow "Community Staff" button

  • Enter your personal mobile phone number or employee ID

  • If using your personal phone number to sign in, enter your 4-digit PIN
  • Based on if the community has enabled specific kiosk screens, complete the following:
  • Answer the health screening questions
  • Enter your body temperature
  • Enter your pulse oximeter reading
  • Receive your name badge from the printer and wear while in the community if the community has enabled badge printing for staff. 

  • If your community is using the Staff Phone Number Capture feature, and your phone number is not already associated with your account, when using your Employee ID you will be asked to enter your phone number after entering your EID. This information will then be associated with your account moving forward. You will only have to enter your Phone number once. If you do not have a phone number, select the option that says "Click Here to Continue".


  • Tap sign out

  • Tap the yellow "Community Staff" button. 

  • Enter your personal mobile phone number or employee ID

  • If asked, enter your body temperature
  • You're signed out!


A badge will print for your employees only if you have enabled staff badging. To enable employee badges, follow the instructions below: 

  • Under "Settings", select "Sign In Features"

  • Scroll down and check "Enable Staff Sign in"

  • Check "Enable Staff Badge"

  • Click "Save"