The Accushield kiosk allows you to ask your visitors, residents, and community staff health screening questions during both the sign in and sign out process and stop a sign in based on their answers.  This can be used to screen for things like Coronavirus (COVID-19), influenza, or symptoms of illness. 

Log into the Accushield Dashboard at to customize your screening questions and the other features.  To enable or customize the features you will need “Community Admin” privileges.  Follow the 5 steps in this article to customize your screening questions. 

  1. Add and enable Health Screening Questions
  2. Enable Body Temperature Capture
  3. Edit the Warning Message Pop Up
  4. Set up Text Alerts and Screening Question Override
  5. Select Other Features

Step 1: Add Health Screening Questions

  • Select “Settings” and then “Health Screening”

  • Under the "Screening Questions" tab, tap "Create New Question" or edit an existing question by clicking the blue paper/pencil icon. 

  • Select who the question is applicable to and turn on for sign in and/or for sign out.  Then enter your primary Screening Question, and select the answer that will allow the individual to continue through the screening process. You have the ability to create one follow-up question, depending on how the person signing in answers the primary question. If you need a follow-up question, select "Yes" under "...should there be a follow-up question?"

  • If you need a follow-up question, once you select "Yes," an additional question box will appear as shown below. Enter your secondary question, and select the answer that will allow the individual to continue through the screening process. During the sign-in process on the kiosk, the secondary question will display immediately following the primary question. If the individual clears the follow-up question(s), they will be allowed to continue signing in.

Step 2: Body Temperature Capture

  • Under the "Body Temperature" tab, choose when to ask for body temperature by selecting either:
    •  Only visitors that answer "No" to health screening questions; or,
    •  ALL visitors, regardless of their answers to the screening questions

  • Choose who to ask for body temperature 

  • Choose which scale to capture temperature input 

  • Enter a maximum temperature at which to stop a visitor from entering the community.  NOTE: temperatures below 95 F or 35 C are not allowed and the user will be asked to take their temperature again.

  • Check who you would like to ask for body temperature when sign out and are leaving the community

  • Click "Save" 

Removing a Screening Question

Should a screening question no longer be applicable, you can remove it from the kiosk at any time through two options: 1. Archiving or 2. Making the question "Inactive"

To Archive a screening question, you'll want to select the red icon under the "Delete" column. 

By archiving your question, you will not be able to reactive the question however, the question will still show on the health screening export. Answers will show as N/A for the sign ins where that question was not required due to being archived.

To make a question Inactive, under the status column, click the green active toggle. This will make the screening question Inactive. 

You can also make the question inactive by clicking on the blue edit icon under the "Edit" column. Next, click the toggle under the "Enable question on these types of entry" section. When the toggle is grey, the question is inactive. 

Please note, questions that are “Inactive” are not displayed on the report, even if those questions were answered during the time frame of the report being pulled. Once the question is reactivated, the question and previous answers will be displayed on the report.

Step 3: Edit the Warning Message Pop Up

  • Under the "Warning Message" tab, type your pop up message for both sign in and sign out. Visitors will receive this if they answer "Yes" to your screening question or enter a body temperature above your limit (if turned on). Phrase the messages so that it gives the visitor instructions for getting assistance or completing an action when signing in or has them leave immediately when signing out.
  • Click "Save"

Step 4: Text & Email Alerts and Screening Question Override  

  • Under the "Alert Settings" tab, set up Health Screening alerts via email and/or text message by selecting "Create New Alert"

  • Now, build out your Health Alert by creating the alert name (ex. Day Shift Alert, Night Shift Alert, Memory Care Kiosk), and then select which kiosk(s) apply to this alert. Selecting the kiosk name is helpful if certain staff only need to be alerted for specific kiosk(s). Then select "mobile" to enable mobile alerts. Next, select what would trigger this alert: anyone flagged during the sign in or sign out survey, a high body temperature, and/or any person who answers a screening question. 

  • Next, you'll want to choose the time frame that you want the alert sent during and who you want receiving this alert and how (text message, email or both).

  • Additionally, you can allow the phone number of a staff member who received the alert to act as the "Override Code" to allow a visitor to complete a sign in who answered "Yes" to any screening questions. Once the popup message is displayed on the kiosk, select the "OVERRIDE" option and enter in the staff phone number and their name. Your overrides will be shown on the Health Screening Report.

  • Click save to enable this Health Screening Alert.

Step 5: Other Features

Under the "Other Features" tab, you can set up pulse oximeter reading and visit limits. 

  • You can enable the pulse oximeter reading questions for multiple visit types or residents. Check all that you would like to ask the question. 

  • You can also set visit limits for Family/Guest visits to residents. Check the box to enable visit limits to residents. 

Once your health screening questions are set up and your visitors begin to sign in, you can view the tracking of each visitor's answer to your questions in the  Health Screening Log and the Body Temperature Log.  See the Health Screening Reports article for instructions.

Your kiosk needs to be online (connected to the internet) for your Kiosk Message to display.  If your kiosk is not online, take a look at our troubleshooting guide for Internet & Wi-Fi Issues.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.