As visitors answer the health screening questions during a sign i, all responses are collected in your Dashboard. Through the Health Screening Log and Body Temperature Log, you can easily search, filter, and export information at any time based on visitor answers of you health screening questions

Health Screening Log

  • The Health Screening Log shows visitor, staff and resident's answers to your health screening questions. To view the Health Screening Log, log into the Accushield Dashboard at  From the menu tabs, select “Reports” and then “Health Screening Log”.  

  • Pick your date range to view health screening data for that period of time. You can use the "All" drop down option to look at a specific visitor name, visitor type, community any question overridden, or any question answered flagged. Once filtered, the log is exportable as a CSV (comma-separated values) file. 

  • Once you select "Export to CSV" your file will begin downloading. You will receive an email once complete, and can find the download under the "View Exported Files" option. Select the blue download icon to view your Health Screening log, which includes the answers to each Screening Question, follow-up questions if applicable, body temperatures taken during sign in and if a question was overridden or not. This is a great tool if surveyors are on-site asking for health screening data. 

  • To quickly identify a screening failure reason, select the "View" option under the details column. This will bring up a detailed view into a user's screening questionnaire without having to download a full Health Screening log. 

Body Temperature Log

If you have enabled the body temperature capture feature, the Body Temperature Log will show the body temperature recorded and the name of the community employee that took the visitor's temperature. The log can be filtered by date and is exportable as a CSV (comma-separated values) file. To view the Body Temperature Log, log into the Accushield Dashboard at From the menu tabs, select “Reports” and then “Body Temperature Log.”

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