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The Welcome Message on your Accushield kiosk displays a message for visitors signing in, right after they select "Sign In". The message can be customized with text or images to create a general greeting, safety precaution information, or an Informed Consent message. 

Follow the steps below to set up a Welcome Message on your kiosk.


  • Sign into your Accushield Dashboard account to create or edit a message
  • Navigate to the Settings tab and click Welcome Message

  • Create your message by using text or images and the format settings in the edit windows. Be sure to create both an English and Spanish version of your message.

  • Scroll the bottom of the page and click save

  • After clicking save, you must restart the kiosk app on your kiosk for the changes to update. For instructions on how to restart your kiosk, click the link How To Restart the Kiosk App. See below for an example of a welcome message: