Thank you for purchasing the Accushield Model-E534879 Thermometer. Read the information below on where to place your Accushield Kiosk with Integrated Thermometer and how to get the most accurate temperature measurements.     

Your mounted thermometer should look like the image below. 


To get the most accurate temperature measurements, place the kiosk at a location where the thermometer can be pointed at the eye height of your visitors and they can be 1-1.5 feet from the thermometer. See the pictures below.

Also, do NOT place the kiosk where the thermometer is close to or pointing to: 

  • Warm objects, light sources and heat sources such as radiators 
  • Windows or frames exposed to direct sunlight 
  • Reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glass 
  • Fans or air conditioning vents


The thermometer is using the infrared camera lens to measure the temperature of the visitor’s forehead. For the most accurate temperature measurements, the visitor should: 

  • Have the individual stand directly in front of the thermometer and about 1-1.5 feet away. 
  • The reflection of their eyes should be visible on the face of the thermometer (see picture below).  If an inaccurately high temperature is returned, have the individual move closer to the thermometer and try again.

  • Make sure their forehead is not covered (remove hats and brush away hair) and remove eyeglasses 

Once the visitor taps Scan on the kiosk, the temperature measurement will start. The temperature reading will be displayed on the kiosk. 


The thermometer is calibrated and does not need recalibration over its lifetime. 

To clean the thermometer: 

  • Wipe the device with a soft, lint-free cloth moistened with 70% alcohol 
  • Never spray a cleaning solution directly onto the device 

For additional support, contact us at or call 800-478-5085, ext. 202.