Thank you for purchasing the Accushield Scanner. Read the information below about the best practices for your Accushield Scanner.     

Your scanner should look like the image below. 


The scanner can be placed next to the kiosk on a flat surface. The face of the scanner can pivot up and down and can be lifted by a user as needed. See the picture below.


To use the scanner, hold the the barcode or QR code directly in front of the scanner. Once the scanner detects movement, the scanner will activate and search for a code to scan. If the code is on a stationary surface such as a desktop monitor, the scanner can be lifted and pointed at the code. You'll hear a beep and see a green light on top of the scanner after a succesful scan. 

If the scan was unsuccessful, you will hear 3 beeps and see a red light on top of the scanner. If this happens, try the scan again. You can press the button on the side of the scanner to project a solid round red dot to help aim the scanner. Every time you press the button, it also initiates the reader in the scanner. 


The scanner works with both Accushield thermometer models: Model E534879 and model CIR-100. Once a code from the Accushield Mobile app is scanned at the kiosk, the individual signing in will see 1 of 2 screens based on their model thermometer, if the thermometer is enabled. See the images below:

                Model E534879                                                Model CIR-100


  • Wipe the device with a soft, lint-free cloth moistened with 70% alcohol 
  • Never spray a cleaning solution directly onto the device 

For additional support, contact us at or call 800-478-5085, ext. 202.