Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Community staff must be set up in the Dashboard with a mobile number prior to using the mobile app

Each of your staff members must have an existing Dashboard account with a valid mobile phone number to use the Accushield Mobile app and scanner to sign into the community.

  • Once a QR code was used to sign at the kiosk, can it be scanned again to sign in?

No. A QR code that appears on your mobile device can only be scanned 1 time at the kiosk for a sign in. Once it is used, it becomes invalid to use for a different sign in.

  • What if my staff my phone number doesn’t exist in the system? 

If a staff member already has a Dashboard account but does not have a valid mobile phone number, simply edit that staff member and add a phone number. 

  • How long is my QR valid before it can't be used to sign in at the community? 

A QR code is valid for use for 1 hour once a mobile sign has been initiated on a device. The 1 hour time setting is currently not configurable. 

  • What if the kiosk does not recognize the QR when I sign in?

If for some reason you are not able to scan your QR code at the kiosk, you will have to tap 'SCAN' on the screen for the thermometer to take your temperature. 

  • Will the mobile app work with my community's Samsung brand tablet on our kiosk? 
    Currently, the mobile app is compatible only with the ELO tablet on the Accushield kiosk.

  • How do I sign in if my phone number is associated to multiple communities in the mobile app? 

When selecting a community in the mobile app, a drop down menu will appear with a list of community names that you can choose from for this specific visit. 

  • Who can use the Accushield App? 
    Accushield Mobile is available for community staff, visitors, third-party healthcare and service providers. 

  • How do I download the App?
    On your mobile device, go to the Apple Store (iPhone) of the Google Play Store (Android) and search for Accushield Mobile. Download the app, open, and follow the prompts.

  • What if I am going to a different community than a previous visit?
    When signing into Accushield Mobile, you are given an option to choose the community that your are visiting. As a staff member, this list is populated with the name of every community that has a Dashboard account with your mobile phone number listed. 

  • Do I have to go to the kiosk?
    Yes, you do have to finalize your sign in at the kiosk through a touchless process. Simply scan the QR code show in the app at the kiosk scanner and follow any prompts on the kiosk. Once the sign in process is complete, receive and wear your badge.  

  • What if I did not receive a verification code when signing into the app?
    When signing into the app, you are asked to enter a verification code that is texted to your device using the mobile phone number that you enter into the app. Once you receive the message, enter the code to continue. If you did not receive a code SMS text, tap "Resend Code" to get another code text. If you continue to not receive a code, confirm the phone number in your community Dashboard is your correct mobile phone number. 

    (NOTE: If you have ever opted out of Accushield SMS text notifications by replying with the word "STOP", you will not receive verification code messages. To begin receiving messages again, type the word "START" to 

  • If a staff member changes their mobile phone number, can they continue to use the same Dashboard account associated with the app?
    No. If a phone number for the device is different than the phone number listed in the employee's Dashboard account, the app will not allow them to sign in. The phone number in the Dashboard must be updated to the phone number of the device being used with Accushield Mobile. Once the phone number has been updated in the Dashboard, log out of the app using the arrow button at the top of the app screen. Then, log back in with the new number. 

  • My device will not download the app?
    If you're having a problem downloading the app and are using a corporate phone, you may have mobile device management employed that limits your ability to download the app. If you are using a corporate phone, ask your IT department to enable download privileges on your device. 

For additional support, contact us at or call 800-478-5085, ext. 202.