The Accushield kiosk has several customizable features including the Auto-Sign Out and Resident Sign-Out features, both of which you can access under the "Kiosks" tab in your Dashboard account. 

Once on the Kiosks tab, check the box next to the kiosk you are updating the settings for and click "Edit"

To determine the name of a specific kiosk, you will need to tap the Accushield logo on the kiosk's sign-in/sign-out screen five times in a row. The kiosk name will then be listed under "Kiosk Description"

Scanner Type

Make sure to choose your Scanner type so that your kiosk users can utilize the Accushield mobile app. Unless you have specifically purchased our holder mounted scanner, you will choose Sleek - Free Standing. 

Resident Sign Out with Guest

Your residents can use the kiosk to sign-out and sign-in when they leave the building. Depending on your community, you may need additional information from residents when they sign-out. You have three options for the Resident Sign Out with Guest feature: Optional, Required, Disabled.

When your kiosk arrives, it is configured with the Resident Sign Out with Guest feature as "Optional". This means when your residents sign-out of the building they will be asked, "Are you leaving with someone...Yes, or No".  The information gathered includes the Person's Name, their Phone Number (both required fields), and the Destination (optional). If the resident says "No", they will then be asked "How long will you be away", select the estimated time they will be out of the building and complete the sign out process. 

Your community may decide that you need to know who a resident leaves the building with every time a resident signs out. If that's the case, you will want to change your Resident Sign Out with Guest feature to "Required". With this setting, when a resident signs out, they will be asked immediately, "Who are You Leaving With". The resident or person they are leaving with will fill in the required information. 

If you decide you don't need your residents to enter who they are leaving with, you can disable the Resident Sign Out with Guest feature. In this scenario, your residents would select sign out, search for their name and estimate how long they will be out of the building. 

In your kiosk ledger, you can see which residents are signed out, and who they have left with, if applicable.  

Auto Sign Out

The Auto Sign Out feature allows you to increase or decrease your kiosk's Auto-Sign Out time. When you receive your kiosk, the Auto-Sign Out time is set to 14 hours. The purpose of this feature is to keep your kiosk ledger as accurate as possible and sign out visitors, vendors and staff who have forgotten to do so upon leaving the building. For example, if a visitor signs in at 9 AM, the system will sign them out at 11 PM if they do not sign-out at the kiosk before 11 PM. The kiosk will never Auto-Sign In your residents who are signed out.  

You can increase the Auto-Sign Out time to match what is needed for your location. For example, if you have staff or healthcare providers who work double shifts in your building, you may want to increase the Auto-Sign Out time to 16 hours or more. If you need to decrease the Auto-Sign Out time to anything below 10 hours, please reach out to with your desired Auto-Sign Out time. 

Once you have selected your desired Auto-Sign Out time, click "Save". Lastly, you will need to restart your kiosk's application to pull through the change in your kiosk's configuration. 

Thermometer Type & Model

Make sure to set your thermometer type to be "Auto Capture," which means the thermometer will function on its own to take automatic temperatures while a user is signing in at the kiosk.

Then choose your Thermometer model using visual references. More information about setting up your thermometer can be found here.