If you are utilizing Accushield's health screening questionnaire features, you can enable a COVID-19 Vaccination Question. This allows you to quickly view the COVID-19 vaccination status of your employees, visitors, and outside caregivers. Once enabled, the COVID-19 Vaccination question will appear after the kiosk user enters their body temperature, and will display each time they sign in to the kiosk, until they answer "Yes" to having received the COVID-19 vaccine.

There is no "Alert" that can be enabled for this feature. 

Enable the COVID-19 Vaccination Question

  • To enable the COVID-19 Vaccination question, please select "Sign-In Features" under the "Settings" tab on your dashboard.accushield.com account.

  • Scroll down & check the "COVID-19 Vaccination Question" checkbox, and select who the question is applicable to.

Update Your COVID-19 Vaccination Question and Answers

  • When you enable the COVID-19 Vaccination question, the question and answers on the kiosk will automatically default to the following:
    • "Have you received the COVID-19 vaccine?"
      • Yes, I have completed the full vaccination schedule.
      • Partially, I have completed the initial dose but am still waiting to get a required booster.
      • No, I have not received the COVID-19 vaccination.
      • I choose not to disclose.

  • You can customize the question and answers by navigating to the "Settings" tab and clicking "COVID-19 Question"

  • Should you want a checkmark to print on a guest, vendor or staff badge that indicates they are fully vaccinated, check the box next to "Print a checkmark on a badge". An example of how a badge will look for a fully vaccinated person will be displayed. 

  • You can edit the question and each answer option by removing the default options. Click the "X" next to options 3 and 4 if you don't want to provide those answer options. At minimum, you must have 2 answer options. For reporting purposes, you also want your answer options to be in the correct order. For accurate reporting, "Yes" should be the first answer option and "Partial" should be the second answer option.

  • Once enabled, your question and answer options will display on the kiosk after the user inputs their temperature. If you are not capturing temperature, the question and answers will display after the health screening questionnaire has been completed.

To access the data being collected in the kiosk, select the "COVID-19 Vaccination Log" under the "Reports" tab in the Dashboard.

You can filter the report by Visitor Type or Response by clicking on the search by box. The report will include the data the individual signed in, their name, phone number, visitor type, response given to the Vaccination question and the device they signed in on. To export the log, click on "Export to CSV".


If you have enabled the checkmark to print on the badge indicating an individual has been fully vaccinated, the badges will print with a checkmark, as seen below. 

Please reach out to communitysupport@accushield.com with any questions or concerns.