The Agreements feature allows you to upload specific documents for your kiosk users to review and accept during the sign in process. When you upload a new policy / agreement, a user at the kiosk will see it on their next sign in and have to agree to it in order to continue.

The kiosk will remember that they agreed to it and they'll never have to do so again unless you upload a new one. You can then view a report of everyone who as agreed to it in the dashboard on the Reports tab. 

Through the Dashboard, you can choose which kiosk user types will be required to accept each policy agreement as well as edit or deactivate existing agreements. 

Follow the steps below to upload a community policy. 


  • Click Add Agreement or select the blue icon to edit an existing agreement. 

  • Enter Agreement Type, Upload a pdf or Word document policy, select which kiosk user types must agree to this policy, and click Update.

  • Everyone signing in will now see this policy and have to agree to it on their next sign in.  Once they do, they will never have to agree to it again unless you upload a new one.  

  • After someone has agreed to the policy, you can view your Agreements Report on the Reports tab.  

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