1. Health Screening Overview

2. Health Screening Questions Setup

3. Body Temperature Capture Setup

4. Warning Message Setup

5. Health Screening Alerts Setup

1. Overview:

The SafecheckN kiosk allows you to ask kiosk users health screening questions and check body temperature during sign-in and/or sign-out, and stops the sign-in process if they fail screening.  

When kiosk users fail health screening questions or their temperature is above your threshold, they will see a custom warning message on the kiosk, their sign-in will be stopped, and you can have text or email alerts sent immediately to your staff. 

Log into the SafecheckN Dashboard at http://dashboard.safecheck.com to customize your screening settings.  To enable or customize the features you will need Admin privileges.  Follow the steps in this article to customize your screening settings. 

2. Health Screening Questions Setup

  • Select Settings and then Screening

  • Under the Screening tab, tap Create New Question or edit an existing question by clicking the blue paper/pencil icon. 

  • Select the user types for whom the question is applicable.
  • Enable it for sign in and / or sign out. 
  • Enter your primary question, and select the answer that will allow the individual to continue through the screening process. 
  • You have the ability to create one follow-up question, which will appear only if the primary question is failed.  If you need a follow-up question, select "Yes" under "should there be a follow-up question?" and enter your follow-up question and the answer that will allow the user to continue. If the follow up question is passed, the user can continue to sign in. 
  • Click Save.

3. Body Temperature Setup 

  • Under the Body Temperature tab of the Screening settings, choose when to ask for body temperature by selecting either:
    •  Only visitors that clear all health screening questions 
    •  ALL visitors, regardless of their answers to the screening questions

  • Choose whom to ask for body temperature. 

  • Enter a temperature at which to stop a visitor from entering the community.  NOTE: temperatures below 95 F or 35 C are not allowed and the user will be asked to take their temperature again, as that is indicative that they were not lined up correctly and temperature scanner took the temperature of something like their glasses.

  • If you want to require temperature at sign OUT, select the appropriate user types for whom this should apply. 

4. Edit the Warning Message Pop Up

  • Under the "Warning Message" tab on the Screening settings, type your kiosk pop up message that will appear if someone fails health screening during sign-in and sign-out. Kiosk users will see this if they fail a screening question or enter a body temperature above your limit (if turned on). Phrase the messages so that they give the kiosk user instructions for getting assistance or completing an action when failing during sign-in, or so that it has them leave immediately when signing out.

  • Click "Save"

5. Text Alerts and Screening Question Override  

  • Under Screening Alerts in the Screening tab, set up screening alerts via email and/or text message by selecting "Create New Alert"

  • Now, build out your alert by creating the alert name (ex. Day Shift Alert, Night Shift Alert, etc.), and then select which kiosk(s) apply to this alert. Selecting the kiosk name is helpful if certain staff only need to be alerted for specific kiosks. Then select what would trigger this alert: anyone flagged during the screening questions, a high body temperature, and/or any person who answers a screening question. 

  • Next, you'll want to choose the time frame when this alert is active and whom you want to receive this alert and how (text message, email or both).

  • Click save to enable this Screening Alert.

  • Additionally, you can allow the phone number of a staff member who received the alert to act as the "Override Code" to allow a visitor who failed screening to complete a sign-in. Once the popup message is displayed on the kiosk, select the OVERRIDE option and enter in the staff phone number and their name. Your overrides will be shown on the Screening Log which you will access on the Reports tab.