The SafecheckN kiosk allows you to ask kiosk users health screening questions during the kiosk sign-in process and stop the sign-in process based on their answers.  You can also ask screening questions during the sign out process. 

See the steps below for an overview of the sign-in process with health screening questions. 


  • After a user signs in with their account number (phone or employee ID), they will be asked your customized screening questions. See an example below: 

  • Once all of the screening questions have been answered, the visitor will need to review and confirm their answers.

  • Next, the visitor may be asked to tap "SCAN" for the thermometer to take their current body temperature. The layout of the screen may vary depending on the thermometer model.

  • A staff member may bypass the thermometer screen by tapping the "MANUAL" button on the thermometer screen and manually enter the visitor's current body temperature. The temperature and the name of the staff member that took the temperature is required.

  • If the visitor answers “Yes“ to any of the health screening questions or exceeds the body temperature limit, they will get a warning message and will not be able to continue to sign in. If you have set up health screening alerts in your Dashboard, a text (SMS) message or email will be sent.  Your staff can then determine whether to allow the individual into the community or not. 

  • If you have enabled the override feature in your Dashboard, the warning message will have an “OVERRIDE” option. 

  • If you want to allow the visitor to continue the sign-in process, select OVERRIDE and the next screen will require an "override code" and an "overridden by" name to be entered.  Valid override codes are the phone numbers of the contacts that are set up to receive health screening alerts. If you want to see the question and answer that is preventing sign in, click on "Show Summary".

  • Finally, the visitor will finalize the sign-in and receive their badge from the printer. 

For more information about how to set up screening questions, see the article Health Screening Questions Customization. For information about viewing the data collected from the screening questions, see the article Health Screening Reports.

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