Group SMS Notifications allow you to easily contact a large number of staff, vendors, and visitors who have signed in during a specified time period with an informative message. The Group SMS feature can be used to invite staff to a meeting, provide information related to parking or events for visitors, or inform the staff and outside guests of a positive Covid-19 case in the community, for example. Please note, at this time Group SMS is unavailable for the Resident and Volunteer categories.

Enable the Group SMS Notifications Feature

Log into your account, hover over "Settings" and select the "Sign-In Features" option.

Once under "Sign in Features", select the "Enable Group SMS Notification" option and click "Save".

Once you enable the Group SMS feature, go to the "Community Policies" option, under the "Settings" tab. There, you will need to enable the Text Message Consent policy for all visitor categories that you may send a Group SMS. The Text Message Consent will automatically be created when Group SMS is enabled in order to allow for the kiosk user to agree to receiving a Group SMS.  

Send a Group SMS Notification

After the Group SMS feature is enabled, you can start sending group text messages. To send a message, select the "Group SMS Notifications" option under the "Settings" tab. 

Group SMS text messages can be sent to staff, vendors, and visitors that have signed in during a specific time period. First, select a start and end date. Once done, a list of staff who signed in during the chosen time period will display on the right side of the screen. Please note, you must select an end dateOnce you have selected your date range, enter the message that you need to send and select "Save". Once you click "Save", the message will be sent and the staff on your list will receive the text message. 

Removing Staff Members from getting Group SMS Notifications

Should a staff member want to opt out of Group SMS notifications, or a specific message doesn't apply to certain staff members, you can remove staff from the message by Opting them out via the Group SMS list. To do so, hover over the "Staff" tab and select "Staff Group SMS List".

Once you select "Staff Group SMS List", your full staff list will appear. By using the search bar at the top of your staff list, you can easily identify specific staff members that you need to remove from the notifications list. Under the "Receive Message" column, uncheck the box associated to the staff that you need to Opt-out of the notification. Once done, a pop up window will appear and you will want to select "OK".

Should your staff ever reply "Stop" to the SMS Notifications, they will be opted out of all future notifications from the Accushield system, including health screening alerts. The check box next to any staff member who has opted out will be unchecked. You can Opt them back in by checking the box associated to their name under the "Receive Message" in the Staff Group SMS list. In this case, you'll want to filter your view by looking at the staff who are "Opted Out".

Kiosk Functionality

Once you've enabled the Group SMS feature and assigned the Community's Text Consent Policy, your visitors, vendors and staff have to accept or decline the Text Consent policy. The kiosk user can still proceed through sign in should they decline the policy. Despite the answer to the Text Consent Policy, the kiosk user will not see the policy during any future sign in at this time. 

Please note: Any kiosk user that declines the Text Consent Policy will not receive text messages that you send through the GROUP SMS Feature in the Accushield Dashboard.

Should you need to provide a hard copy of the Text Consent Policy to any visitors or staff, the attached Consent form is what is displayed on the kiosk.

Group SMS Log (Reporting)

The Group SMS Log allows you to see any SMS Notifications that have been sent out over any specified period of time. To access the Group SMS Log, hover over the "Reports" tab and select the "Group SMS Log".


First, select the date range that you'd like to view. Once you click submit, you will get a list of all notifications that have been sent during the selected time period.


Once the notifications sent during the selected time period populate, you can export the SMS log to a CSV file, or view who received the message by clicking on "Details".

If you have any questions, please reach out to