This article helps family and guests prepare to use the Accushield Mobile app. The mobile app will allow family and guest visitors to sign in at the Accushield kiosk when entering the community without touching anything other than their phone. 

Follow the steps below for guest to access the mobile app.

Accushield Mobile App for Family and Guests 

  • Any family or guest visiting the community using the mobile app and scanner for signing in must have previously manually signed in at the kiosk. Once the visitor has signed in at least once at the kiosk manually, the mobile app will recognize their account and allow a mobile sign in. 
  • Have the family or guest download the Accushield Mobile app through the Apple Store or the Google Play Store by searching for "Accushield Mobile".

Click the Family/Guest Mobile App Video link to watch download and sign in instructions. Also, see the attached printable QR code and instructions sheet to share with family and guests.